Exhaust wrap

I was looking at the header and noticed just how close the radiator is to the header. I can just squeeze a finger inbetween the header and the lowest part of the radiator. As im a novice, i will be riding slower than slow for a good while and reckon some exhaust wrap under the radiator might aid cooling and lower engine temps. Im not talking about wrapping the entire header / system, just a 6 inch section that sits under the radiator.

Also the "pressurised nitrogen canister" sits very close to the header as well. I was wondering about putting a small amount of exhaust wrap there as well.

Again, im not talking about wrapping the entire header, just two sections.

The bike is an 07 wr.

any ideas?


Keeping the heat IN the pipe will also help power output :) ... Do it!

I put heat tape on the bottom of the radiator in that area rather than wraping the pipe.

I did ceramic coating from perfomance coating on my quad, helped alot with heat on leg. I might do bike this winter. i bet it would be under 40 bucks for the bike

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