Spark Plug Question

hello there, i ride a klx300r,im thinking about using a direct hits plug adapter, but i have to use a non resistor plug for it.i was told that thers is no plug without a resistor for my bike.

ok the reason why im asking this question is that enerpulse is a company that makes a plug called pulstar,it is not a spark plug, its a plug that uses a pulse circuit,that produces 100,000 watts of peak power,as opposed to a spark plug that produces a measly 50 watts.if u want to see for yourself,google pulstar plugs,and click on the search engine that says official site.

Stay away from the gimmick spark plugs like Pulsestar, E3, Splitfire, Bosch +2, +4, etc. Sure they work just as well as normal resistor plugs, but that is the exact problem; they only work as well, not better.

I run a stock NGK DPR8EA-9 in my modified 600 and it doesn't show any signs of overheating. I was going to get a cooler DPR9, but the monkeys at my Honda/Suzuki/Sea Doo shop don't stock them....even though they were actually a factory plug for a number of '80s and '90s Hondas and Suzukis (AND Kawasakis). :excuseme:

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