Lid off - completely?

Hello folks!

Even though I had promised myself not to start tinkering with my 426 -01 until I had sold the XR600, I cold not stop myself yesterday.

I soooo just wanted to take a look at the AP squirt and the airbox lid (as that is the easiest mod).

Yepp, the squirt duration would make Peter North green with envy. I probably drownd the carb with fuel and will have a mother of time getting the bike started later on. But it was worth it - now I know I will have to do the BK mod a.s.a.p.

Imagine the power of TT when people start modifying the carb before they have ridden it!

I bought my 426 slightly used and only drove it for 150-200 yards to check that the tran´s ok and have not even started it since - waiting for the wether to improve (spring to arrive) :D and sell the old thumper.

Airbox lid, is the mod to remove the entire lid? or just the small lid, with the snorkel thingy? the filter looks kind of exposed without any lid on.

Will fuelscrew adjustment be enough when removeing the lid, or do I have to start with the jetting for that mod alone (hope not)?

Took a look at the linkage, it will be a pain to dissasemble that, and the steering beerings, just for adding some grease! that should already be there (from the factory) :) .

Oh well, time spent in the garage, is time well spent - I suppose. I will keep You all posted on the developments.

Congrats Fred,

Couple of things for you.

First remove the entire airbox lid. Put the 4 screws and the cover somewhere in your gear bag wherer you can get to it in the event that you want to ride it in a rain storm.

Secondly, ALL of the bearings on your bike should be lubed with a good molly grease. Chances are that it has not been done. The factory lube job it PITTYFUL to say the least.

SWINGARM: It is not difficult to remove the swingarm and lower link. If you didn't get the manual..order one from your dealer. When disassembling start at the end of the reassembly section and work backwards. The disassembly section is somewhat vauge. If you don't do this early you will be sitting out during the summer while the rest of us are roosting away. I do mine every spring and it takes about 4 hours from start to finish.

STEERING HEAD: disassemble the steering head and lube the two bearings and the stem....Most of us have found them almost dry from the factory.

WHEEL BEARINGS: Front and rear wheel bearings need to be done on atleast a monthly basis with lost of usage. Buy yourself a good Wheel Seal Puller, This way you can remove the seal 8 or 10 times before they need to be replaced (As long as your careful).

THROTTLE TUBE AND CABLES: Remove, Inspect and Clean, and Lube the Bar under the throttle tube. Buy yourself a cable luber and use a good silicone spray lube (NOT WD 40). Check the Carb throttle wheel where the cables terminate, look for frayed cable ends.

CLUTCH CABLE: Clean, Service, Lube and Adjust.

ENGINE OIL AND FILTER: Don't take anyones word for the last time the oil was changed, Do it before the first time you take ol blue out of the barn. Then change it every 3 to 4 rides.

I could go on and on but that's enough to keep you busy for a while, and will ensure your investment is protected.

Good Luck....

Bonzai :)

If you want a better way to keep water and crap out of the air box, check out...

they made a "water-resistant" (W R) cover that is velco'ed to the top of the box. water will sit on top of this material, and air can pass thru no problem!

I really like mine. I think it was 20$ (well spent)! :)

It was a custom... but they said they would put the size in thier file... cause I was the first one they made for the WR or YZ... and It fits perfect!

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[ March 05, 2002: Message edited by: crazyadam ]

CrazyAdam, that looks like a ideal set-up. I love running w/o the lid on but hate the clean up afterwards. Questions: how does it attach to the top of the airbox? Is it a complete seal? Do you notice any power changes from running the bike w/ the seal on vs. open air box?

This may warrant another bulk buy opportunity for all WR & YZF interested owners....

A top cover sounds like the best way. I would take one. Do you have a picture? Seems pretty straight forward though.

Every bike should have one!! :D No loss of power, and NO crap in the air box! :) It worrks great, A strip of velco sewn to the edge, and another strip on the box. Clean it good. 1st try, I only half cleaned it and it slowlly pulled off. I took the air box out and cleaned it good and it stuck great.

When I got them, I took one and cupped it under the faucet, and it held water... Not that you want to try crossing any DEEP water... but it will keep water out, as well as a 2nd layer of dust and crud protection.

and it could keep the mice from nesting :D

Pull the lid right off. Try filters skins.

Thank You all!

Yamakaze, those maintenace tips were not written for blind eyes :) so that is what I will do this weekend (my wife is soo gonna love me - NOT).

CrazyAdam, did You buy that cover ready-made or did You have to buy a piece of the material and do the "girlie-stuff" (i.e cutting and sewing :D ) Yourself?

It is a realy good idea. I am so into doing this. Used filterskins in the past, with good result - but this seems like the thing to do.

Stay in touch CrazyAdam

Today it is raining, so my thottle-hand does not itch that bad - but itch it does :D

I´ll keep You all posted

BamffBoy, filterskins are ok, but if you can get the same results & keep the inside of the airbox clean & dry all the time. This seems better to me....all for around $20.00

adam, did they give you a size code or anything like that for them to repoduce the part they made for you?


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All pre made, and it comes with extra velcro. just clean the air box, and put the velcro on, then stick the cover over the hole.

the matl. is see thru, does not restrict air flow, but holds water, and mud, or crud.

If you do a good job affixing the velcro to the airbox, you will have a complete seal! :D

I am taking my shops dig. camera home tonight for a few pics. But trust me, It works... (unless you putt thru a 5' water hole.)



Just tell them it for a YZ/WR. I called and talked to Steve, and He is happy he kept my template... 21.90 is what I paid, but maybe he'll cut us a deal if we get enough ordered.

I told him to expect a few calls from thumper talkers. He is happy to help!

And so am I!!


[ March 06, 2002: Message edited by: crazyadam ]

Sign me up for the group buy if we get one together.

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