Anyone wanna go 110 mph???

Sorry, I know this is kind of a classified add, but I didnt find it fitting in the classifieds.

I recently purched a 94 XR650L and it came with a new 42T sprocket in the rear. I dont use my bike for much freeway riding, so I would like to trade someone my new 42T for their stock 48T. My bike is set up for supermoto so I dont go too fast often....

I am in Los Angeles, please contact me if interested.

I thought stock was 45 tooth?


U know I'm not sure what the stock is but I wanna go about 5-6 up.

If my trail tech endurance is calibrated correct I was able to go 110 today (on a closed course of course ;) ) untill wind resistance made it not wanna go any more. RPM was still decent.

Cruises really nice at 70mph.

stock rear is 45 on a 650L.

stock is 15/45.

yeah, I must have seen the 650r spec then.

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