650R Excels - wider rim?

XR650R - I'm about to upgrade to Excel rims & spokes. Keeping stock hubs.

Since I'm getting new rims, I've been wondering about getting a wider rear rim. Has anybody done this? What's the max width for a 650R?

Any other tips before I go for the Excels?

Ive got a 5 inch rear rim on my xr650 supermoto :) it rocks ! you can put a 165 slick on it :Deditedoz6.jpg

For racing in the dirt I like the IRC M5B 140/80. So I have a 2.5 rim for one of the back setups. If you go with a thinner tire with a wider rim it will flatten the profile, this can change the way the bike corners. Well, in thought anyways, with a BRP and the throttle wide open you are sliding not cornering:goofy:

The wider rear does make a difference in the dirt depending on the tire used.

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