Stateline Supermoto

Just wanted to see who here might be going to the Stateline SM races on Sep 22-23? I booked my room and prolly gonna sigh up today for the sportsman class, NOT with my L but with my Yami. Always wanted to try a little SM so i talked to the promoter a little and everything i heard said sportsman is a good class to start. So ill spend a little time playing some poker, my favorite addiction for several years now, and try some SM racing.

where is that gonna be?

i was hopin it was the tahoe stateline. im not far from there. oh well.

Keep us posted.That sounds fun.

Cruise down MARTIN its like the Vegas-Reno race LOL only about 2 hours right HEHHE

ive been trying to figure out how i can present this idea to the wife. i was thinking sledge hammer!LOL! no thats too messy!:busted: :busted:

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