2 leaks on xr600r help

1994 xr600r

I have seepage around the 2 round chrome domes with hex counter sunk on head cover, just above the RFVD? letters.(2 on each side of head cover) are those just covers for the rocker shafts or the actual shaft. In parts fiche, looks like shaft & no seal but a washer. Should I crank down tighter? Is there a simple fix? ALSO I have a leak where the clutch arm enters left side cover. I see seal in parts break down, but cant see what holds the arm in place? Looks like I should be able to pull out arm without taking side cover off. Anyone have experiance in this area. I know one person previously said I must take off side cover , but I cant see why. Also is it a good idea to change out bearing or is it a bushing? (if I must take off side cover)

Thanks in advance!

As for the top bolts, those are the rocker arm shafts. Do not just tighten them more. You will risk more damage, and will not do any thing to fix the problem. To fix the leak on these bolts, you need to remove the cylinder head cover, so that you can remove the bolts and the rocker assemblies. With these out, clean the threads really well on the both the bolt and heads, and when you reassemble them, use a high temperature sealant on the threads. This usually works.

For the clutch arm, you have to remove the clutch pressure plate, and then the actuation rod first. Therefore, you have to remove the right side engine cover, the clutch pressure plate bolts and springs, the pressure plate, and then the rod. With the rod out, the clutch arm should just slide up and out of the case. Then you can pull out the seal and replace it. Reverse for install, of course.

I always feel that if you are working on an older bike and have the opportunity to replace parts that haven't been in a long time while you are inside a part of the motor, you should do it. Otherwise, as onr of Murphy's Laws states, the part you did not replace will be the next one to fail.

That doesn't sound right. Removing right side to remove the arm. OR I should say, " I can see where removing rod would allow arm to be removed, but removing left side cover & pressure plate & rod is more work than removing left cover, which looks to be much easier." So it's the rod that keeps arm from working on out of the case hole?

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