My 01 yz426f wont start

My 01 yz426f wont start. I changed the plug and still nothing. it is really hard to find the compression stroke. the last two times I rode it white smoke and oil came out of the exhaust pipe endcap. what could be wrong?

Your Topend (Pistion/Rings, clips, etc...) need replaced.

what about the valves? how hard are they to adjust?

If your valves have never been adjusted and your this far along... you probably need new valves. Check your Service Manual for the correct clearances and be careful if you use shims to NOT make the too tight!

Their are many other TT members that can and will give you some additional recommendations (Most of them know more than me)!

Good Luck!

p.s. Find a good mech., and order you Topend now... that way you won't have to wait so long to ride!

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