What should be I aware of when buying 2007 model?

I think I am going to get a 2007 yz450 with 25 hours on it. What problems there might be when it comes down to that year`s model? Thank you!

Nothing to worry about if it has only 25 hours on it. It should still look like new. I have a 07 450 and no problems. I would find out if it has been maintained, oil changes ect.

look for crashes scratches shock linkage look for fork tube scratches that sort of stuff

RockRiver Powersports out of WI, 920-674-9280

ask for Jody and she'll give u a deal.


dude, they are honestly #1 with no regrets. You'll get a brand new, out of the crate, bike !! Shipping is only $325 from WI to AZ. Buy new if you can make the deal... I got a white '07 YZ450f for $5,399 + shipping. The blue was $300 cheaper .... FYI. Phoenix wanted $7,600 and NFWay would I through that type of $$$dizzzo down.

Now, since the X-Games, I notice bike prices have been going up. Bought mine July 5th'ish...

I live in Estonia ( south of finland), so...

Does it have an hour meter? If so, 25hrs is virtually nothing with good maintence. With only 25hrs on the machine it most probably either has new chains and sprockets on it or is closing in the end of the stock setup which would be a good indication of actual time if no hour meter is on the machine. I have an 07 with 46hrs and have not had any problems. So far, I am very satisified with the machine with the usual changes with sprockets at about 30hrs and a rear tire at 40hrs which was a stretch. Ask if the suspension linkage has been greased yet. If not, tear it down upon purchase and grease it.

When your greasing the linkage also get the steering stem. It is amazing how little is on there from the factory.

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