problems w/rear axle nut

I lost my rear axle nut in an enduro a while back. I replaced it with a new one and it started to back off again this weekend. The threads are good and its a brand new nut. Anybody else had this problem? I'm leaning towards the bearings being the problem... maybe. Any suggestions?

did you torqe it down to 85-95lbs. Try a little lock tite. Does it feel like your bearings are bad? Tire moves /knocks on your axle.

Stumpster....Book Torque is 90lbs...You can carefully drill a 1/16th pilot hole through the bolt and safety wire it to the frame. Even if the bolt loosens for some reason it's not coming off. I've don this successfully on many Bikes I've owned and worked on....

Bonzai :)

The stocker is a locking nut, are you using a regular dude on there now?? If so, that would be the problem I'm sure.

It is a stock replacement locknut, I have torqued it properly, I'm considering safety wiring it.

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