01 Yz426?

Just got it about a week ago and when i get her into 5th it seems like the clutch is pulsing or something im not sure if its clutch or tranny, can anyone help me out? I want to get some info before i start pullin it apart. Thanks alot

If it feels like its skipping on acceleration it needs to have the cases split and some new gears put in.

the same thing happened to me mate, first thing to do is to take the oil filter out and check for metal shavings, if there are take the motor apart immediately, if not then ride it till the piston needs doing cause when replacing things in the gearbox, you can spend over $2000 +

if not then ride it till the piston needs doing cause when replacing things in the gearbox, you can spend over $2000 +
Especially true if you take that kind of advice. The YZF shares gear box oil with the engine, and anything that runs through one runs through the other.

If your symptoms are isolated to one gear, that is, it only does it in 5th, it's the trans. The trouble is with the locking lugs on the two gears that lock the unit into 5th (3rd and 5th on the main shaft), which have become worn and rounded so that they no longer hold under a load as they should, but force themselves apart instead. You'll also need a shift fork. Throw in bearings, a fresh set of rings, timing chain, and valve springs, and you should be out of there for under $400 if you do the work yourself.

Damn, my 250f does that in 3rd gear only.

When I come out of a turn hard (LOTS of throttle) in 3rd while easing the clutch out, it fells like it sucks back in, away from my finger a couple times. Guess you could call that pulsing.

Only does it when I'm really putting a hard load on it in 3rd out of a

deep sandy turn. Probably 3x per 25 min. moto I'll notice.

Well this sucks cause I had the cases split in Feb.

Damn, I was thinking it was a clutch issues cause when I first

start my bike and put it in 1st it's loud clank and stalls.

I was going to switch to synth oil and see if that helps.

Would synth oil been good for the clutch? Hmm would it be possible to put wr 4 and 5th gears in it? I plan on makin it street legal so i want 1st-3rd then id have 4th and 5th for street cruisin. Thanks

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