03 YZ450 valve clearences check.

Hey guys, I am going to check my buddies valves on his 450 because he does not have the correct tools :bonk: How ever, I do not have a YZ, Im a KX guy but have absolutely nothing against Yamaha. In fact, I would have gotten the YZ but got a great deal on the kx. Back to my question, what are the correct valve clearances for both intake and exhaust valves on an 03 450? Thanks in advance. :ride::thumbsup:

:prof: what he said

My 2c:

If you trim the feeler gauges (if they're too wide), be sure not to check with the trimmed edge.

Standard feelers are not too wide for the big YZF, only for the center intake of the 250F.

hehe, I spend too much time in the 250F forum... :bonk:

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