Two questions....

I'm looking for a new front fender for my 2007 XR650L. Not to impressed with some I have been looking at. There are a few out there I like, but are listed to fit the CFR450's. Would anyone know of any problems with these fenders on my bike ? Clearance problems with the frame, ears, fork tubes? I can't stand that thing it came with. Sometimes at about 70mph, in a headwind it looks like it's going to fold right down and hit the tire.

The other question is about jetting the carb. Need to know a good place to get the jets. The guys at my dealership just look at me like I came in from outterspace. Will I need a gasket set of any kind ? That and will this work ok with the smog crap on it for now. I live in N.Y., and the shops around here are kinda funny I found out about doing state inpections and giving out stickers to anyone that has removed this stuff. I'll find someone in time that will do it, but for now......... gotta play the game. Thanks for any help.

i used a crrf450 rear fender and an xr400 front. the rear needed some trimming and the front just needed some shimming on the 2 rear bolts to clear the header.



I run a Cycra supermoto front fender on mine when in street tard mode.


I think most after market fenders will have to be shimmed down for the harness to pass on top of them.

I switch back to the oem fender when I switch to my off road wheels.

XR400 fender here. There is a recess in the top for the harness just like the stock fender has. I cut slots in the back to increase airflow to the head.

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