CA Street Titled 650R owners..Advice Please

Okay guys, here's where I'm at. I aquired a very nice '01 650R street titled in AZ. It is equipped with an aftermarket odometer that shows 11,140 miles, so it's over the mandated 7,500 by CA to bring an out of state street bike in. The bike does not have an emissions lable on it ,either for on or off road compliance. I need the on road one to finish the paperwork but of course I can't get one or an off road one for that matter. So basically I'm screwed. This bike is for sale to anyone outside CA if interested. Now, I found one about 3.5 hours away that is street plated and seems like a good deal. So my question is, does anyone know if I will have any problems getting this bike in my name even though we're both in CA? Also, if I do get it in my name, will the DMV thought police try to yank my plate later on? Should I just quit while I'm behind and get a 650L? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

If the bike is a CA plated bike sold in CA, you should have no problem. I bought 2 like this so far.

Just make sure that the bike was registered before the 2004 cutoff and you are good to go. It was very hard to slip one through after 2004, so it is unlikely that you will come across one that was plated after the cutoff.

You would be good to go as long as stated above that the plate was issued before Feb 28 "04". On the other hand, I wouldn't give up on your current bike just yet!!!:ride:

Give up the current effort Air Resources Board governs DMV and they're hard core...

agree with above about finding a 650r that was plated prior to the cut-off will be fine...

if you by a bike which is currently plated (but it was one that sneeked through after feb 04 cut-off), you could get heckled right now at DMV when you go to change the title...

Is it worth the risk...? NO because the cops could (not for certain) pull your plate if you get pulled over.

I bought a street legal bike off a lawyer who brought it to CA with an odometer less than 7500, non cal bike...

DMV and ARB both heckled me...I took the Lawyer to small claims and I won...he had to buy the bike back from me...

Do not mess with an out of state'd be lucky to pull it off.

my personal experience...


It's a slight chance, but should be noted, the machine needs to be a 2003 model or earlier. If someone was able to register a 2004 (let say they bought it in late '03 or early '04) by the 2004 cutoff, the DMV will eventually catch up to it and pull the plate. So for sure, any model 2004 or later is far too risky.

Thanks for the responses everyone! I really appreciate it. I guess I'll go after the other bike. The owner says it was plated in '02. So, hopefully there should be no issues.

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