2007 yz450 VS 2007 rmz450

Which is better and why. I could get rmz about 1000 $ cheaper, but I have never had a suzuki before and I am getting those horror stories of suzukis braking down easily. Help me out with this.

Both bikes are good.I would try to ride both and see what fits you best.

The two bikes handle somewhat differently. The RMZ turns in quickly, and fairly positively, even if you tend to sit back on the bike. It is a bit prone to oversteer under power, though, and it gives up a little over all stability for quickness. To me, it feels like it's always trying to dive into ruts and catch at little things, but on the upside, it pushes less than any current MX 4-stroke I know of.

The YZF is, IMO, a marvelously neutral bike, and a good overall balance of handling traits. The bike will do what it's told, and almost never surprises me. It likes to have you sit forward a bit more, and the chassis is unusually sensitve to small changes and adjustments in everything from sag to rider position (even the height of the bars), but once you get it right, it's brilliant. Not stellar at any one thing, but very, very good at almost everything. It takes a bit more effort to get it to turn than the RMZ, but compared to a CRF450, or especially a steel frame YZF, it feels so effortless it's as though it were thought-driven.

It will stay in ruts, it will climb out either high or low, it will cross them without grabbing at them. It will understeer, oversteer, or drift both wheels at your discretion. Lean it hard into a nice deep turn, turn the front wheel in a little and roll the gas on, and it will slingshot through the corner so hard you'll want to cut the track and go back and do it again.

The YZF suspension is clearly better than the RMZ, and the reliability is better than anyone else's. It's your choice, and everybody likes something different, but that's my opinion.

Thanks GR, it made it a lot clearer ;)

One thing that no one has mentioned yet, is that the 07 RMZ has a four speed transmission, which personally I dislike. That's why I chose the YZ-F over the RM-Z.

IMO, the four speed tranny limits the bike for all but Pro riders. Why? Because a 5 speed transmission has 2 gears for every situation. The 4 speed tranny has one gear for each situation, and if you're in good shape, riding well, and experienced, you'll find that gear. If you're not riding well, experienced, or in good shape (like me :busted: ), I think the 5 speed is easier to ride well. I did get a chance to swing a leg over an 06 RM-Z before I bought my YZ-F, and found that I didn't like the RM-Z due to that 4 speed.

If you can ride both bikes before you buy, do so. Then you'll know what's best for YOU!

Good luck with whatever you choose.

Actually, that is a good point, but as the owner of a YZF 4 speed, it doesn't apply to all of them. A 5 speed IS more versatile, no question. But the older YZ450 4 speed was a very well thought out ratio set that matches up well to the extremely broad power curve of the engine. The spacing and overall spread are very good, and while it limits the bike some, it's not that big a deal. The same can't be said of the RMZ. The ratio layout in that box is, um, strange, and it's difficult to use well. It's not only, as you said, one gear for each situation, it's to the point that there are situations for which there is no gear that really works.

I'm liking what your are saying about the YZ, I just bought a new 07 YZ450 and coming off an 05 Rmz450, I've ridden the bike once and love it, I keep hearing horror stories of the bike not turning, well I havent' felt it yet, there were situations where my Rmz didn't turn worth a crap, it has a lot to do with set up and track conditions in my opinion.

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