Lake Tahoe/Reno Riding

Anyone out there from the Lake Tahoe/Reno area? I was there last week visiting my cousin. He and his boys from Thin Air Motorsports in Truckee hooked us up with some spare bikes for a little rip around Reno/Boom Town (?sp). It was a great time...awsome terrain. I live in IL and am not used to people being so into dirt biking. Those guys heard we wanted to take a ride and volunteered their spares bikes. I think they knew how much we were jones'n to go sight seeing the way it should be done. What a bunch of great guys. Anyway, I got a good taste of what four strokes are all about. Now I just need to get my hands on one...

I heading for Reno in a couple of weeks. I would sure like to take a tour like that. Sounds like a blast. I'm going to be skiing so I don't see it hapening, oh well.

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