Evans waterless coolant

Been hearing a lot about the Evans waterless coolant. It's boiling point is said to be 375 degrees, but removes heat better because it doesn't vaporize it motor. Does anyone have any experience with this coolant, good or bad?:worthy:

Evans NPG-r is good stuff!

It has solved the boiling coolant problem with my son's & my 2007 WR450F's. We ride in the hottest conditions in Southern California, desert & some slow forest trails.

The original coolant would boil under the worst conditions although when you stopped to allow it to cool, the coolant would return to the radiators from the coolant recovery tank. With the NPG+ there is no boiling.

We also had the fuel boiling in the tank. I applied reflective aluminum tape to the underside & front of the tanks. This solved this problem.


Where do you get this stuff and what is the freezing point?

I switched back to regular coolant after thinking about what it does. The good part, and bad part, is that it does not boil. I suppose it will if it gets hot enough, but its virtually boil proof in a motorcycle.

Its not as efficient at lower temps. This might not be a big deal. What bothered me is this. If the engine gets hot enough to boil regular coolant, you get some warning in the form of steam. With the Evans you really dont. Your still running temps that are too high, there is no warning while doing so.

Does this really solve anything?

I bought several gallons of the stuff at my local freight damage store and would not mind using it, I just cannot think of a reason to do so.

It also expands a little when it gets warm. A person has to underfill the radiator to keep it from puking out.

If you have trouble with your bike running hot run Evans and Too 2 Cool and you will never overheat again!

Does having a higher boiling point equal a cooler running tempurature or does it just push the boil over to a higher point?

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