YZ400F exhaust, Cant make up my mind

I have a YZ400F Powerd LoneStar Hybird (ATV) that i race MX with, Over this winter i am doing a total rebuild. Sending the head out to Johnny Hale to get MX ported, Putting in a 13:1 JE piston and a set of Hot Cams. Now my problem. I am curently running a TC racing Shorty (Suppertrap) witch is way to loud i am told around 110 DB! I am having a hard time deciding on a exhaust for this beast.

This is what i have so far

White Bros Aluminum Pro or a FMF Factory 4 System. If you have any input on other exhaust systems plz let me know to help me make my choice!


Thunder Alley makes a nice pipe for the 426F that works well.

There are many good pipes out there. I run a Supertrapp on my WR and have had people look at me funny. I like the performance of it over the older FMF. I would shop for one which is quiet, but not too restrictive on performance.

I would go with the white brothers. They look good, sound great, and perform even better. But if you are looking for a certain price range ive heard great things about powerbomb headers.

Use the 426 stock pipe.You will like the spread.

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