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dual sport advice needed

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hey gets. i am considering dual sporting my 95 xr200. the yamathumper is my race bike, so the 200 doesn't get any use anymore except in backyard, so i thought i'd d/s it.


i already have the expensive lighting coil needed to add lights to it. my dad used to d/s a 76 xl125, so i figured this bike had power enough for backroads (not much highway use), but i could re-gear (sprocket sizes, not gear box) for road use and put dot tires on it for light trail use. what do you think? i just need some advice on a direction to go. that or spend the $$$ to get my dad's old 76 cb360 on the road. but i imagine insurance would be less on the 200 ($201 /yr. on 360, not including title, registraition, inspection, etc.),and it would be more fun/ sportier.

lists of stuff needed to be done and aprox. costs would be appreciated, and/or comments, views on project (still in planning stage)



what i thought of so far:

turn signals

lights (already have front)

brake light switch installation

plates & title



key break in ignition


inspection & insurance costs ???


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