Storm Link for a 2006 YZ450

I did the search and found some info on using the Storm Link on the 03-04 YZ's. It is supposed to raise the rear .5" for better handling. Has anyone tried one on a 06 or newer model? I've called Storm Cycles and they are available for the 06, I just wanted some feedback on how they worked even if it was for the 03-04.

i had it on my 03 and it really did help it gte into corners not really sure if they just claim its for the 06, while actually being for an 03-04...of if they made a completely new product for it...who knows...i wouldnt mind know either.

if it does raise the rear half an inch, this is the change yamaha made in the 07 model to help with the handling and to put more weight on the front wheel. correct?

Yes, but it's much less about the weight distrbution than the head angle.

As far as the 04' models go, it's definitely worth getting. The bike corner's better, with less standing up in the corner's, and less "top-heavy" feel.

I have no idea how it will work with an 06' model, and I wasn't aware Stormcycles produced one for 06' models.

curious what the results are for a 06....also :thumbsup:

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