replace rings? maybe more

Well I was gonna sell my 06 WR450, but my XR650R got stolen, so now I think I'm gonna keep the WR instead, since I've already got it, and its already pretty well setup.

But its got almost 1000 hours, give or take on the motor, with nothing but valve checks, and shimming the valves once.

the shop I deal with said maybe replace the rings in it, just to freshin it up, and have a look inside make sure everything was in order.

anyone have any input on this, should I? maybe do a bit more inside, cam, or a high compression piston since I have it apart?

only downside of a higher compression piston, I want to keep running on pump gas, any experience with having to run race gas after bumping to a higher compression piston?

also look at valves ect. see if I need to replace anything in the valve train before riding season gets into full swing here in the AZ desert

That beauty is just getting broken in! Does your shop have any evidence of compression loss? Have they done a cylinder leakdown test? Well taken care of, your motor has tons of life left on it. Unless of course you want to do all those mods. Just remember that the higher the compression, the better the chance for pre-ignition. You will need a higher octane fule to handle it. Not long before we get some cooler mornings to ride the desert. Where do you ride?

sycamore, pima and dynamite, also use it for doing BITD and whiplash races.

went to ET the first time last week, but was riding the 300. borrowing a leakdown gauge setup on sunday, I'll check it then.

and your right, just hear things abut piston skirts failing ect. and I ride the WR a lot. and rev the piss out of it at the dunes for 2 seasons now.

although the KTM300 should take its spot as a duner now.

where do you ride?

Nuke- Like I said, do a cylinder leak test. If that comes in good just let'er rip. The most likely failure point would be the valves anyway. That is- unless you overheated the beast. Overheating KILLS rings. I know you ride yours hard but mine has had it's fare share of abuse and it's still at 10% for the cylinder leak. I'm not going in there unless cylinder leak goes through the roof or she blows. There's too much riding to be done!!!

ok, did the leak down test, was less than 5%, and compression was about 80psi from the kickstarter. 60 with the electric starter.

any ideas, I'm thinking leave it alone till next summer

Buy it a new toy. (pipe, chain, high intensity light) It will treat you well for it.

lol it dosn't need much else. already has pipe/suspension/plastics/damper/fat bars/bark busters/extra rim, and who knows what else. how about I just buy tires for it instead. it likes tires:ride: :thumbsup:



Tires = GOOD!

You and I both know you could use a headlight upgrade. :thumbsup:

i could put the stock one back on, with a birghter bulb. it worked better than that light.

Looks like you could also use some handguards.

I had some cycra's on there, broke one off during my last race, and the replacement is in the mail.

damn tree's in the cinders.


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