XR600 short, help please...

89 XR600

Baja designs wiring kit

So I rode into work, fine, no problemo

Kick the bike this afternoon, no problem. Rev the bike a little, the headlight flickers then no electronics. Bike off, check master fuse, it is blown.

Replace fuse, blows again.

Replace with new fuse, it doesnt blow this time. Stays intact. But still no lights.

Is it a bad battery? My battery is a little nicad RC car bit, about 9 months old. sucky thing is I just moved and all my tools are in storage, have to get to radioshack and buy a multimeter I guess?

All wires are coated and heat shrunk. Baja designs has a rectifier and a FET which doesnt allow the headlight to draw battery till the stator fires. Otherwise its just wires.

I would start by taking the tank off and checking where the wires run there. Anywhere that there can be rubbing on the frame, evenmore so between the tank and frame. Have a look where the wires flex and pull for steering movement for wires pulled to tight and rubbing or being pulled out of connectors ect. behind the headlight. That's where I'ld start and If visual inspection dosn't show anything you'll have to get a multimeter.

Is this a new install? One other area I have had problems with in the past is the handlebar switch. After sitting for an extended lenght of time (the whole winter in my case) the little contacts corrode and the switch gets flakey or will not work at all. Alittle cleaning and a light sanding of the contacts was all it took to fix it. Not sure if that would create a short or not but was just a thought.

You don't happen to have a rewound or higher output stator do you?

Good luck


Its a pretty old kit.

Didnt have time to work on it today, but I need to work on it before monday...

Even if the wires are hitting the frame my frame was stripped and powdercoated so there is no way it can short there. It has to be a short for a fuse to blow, I'll check the turn signal switch assembly.

What is really odd is that it only blew the fuse after revving it. I just cant theorize what would do that in my head. Anyways, sounds like i am going hunting tomorrow. :mad:

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