xr650r master link

I purchased a new RK Gold chain and it had 2 master links. The guys at my parts shop said with the torque of the xr650r I need to use the correct link...they just couldn't remember which one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am planning a Baja 1000 pre-run and need to make it to Cabo!

Guys use both, I like the staked. It's stronger and there is not a clip but it requires a chain tool.Good chain will work either way, it's your call.

I've used both styles of master link. I am currently running a staked link as I now have the special tool to press the link together. I personally don't think that it matters which link you use.

I have snapped two chains on my 650R. Neither break was anywhere near the master link.

I agree also. I have use both links and even with the clip type have never had a problem. Just make sure to put the clip on in the right direction and check it often. After a few months of use I took the clip off to change gearing and swap chains (I have 2 sets). Even without the clip I couldn't get the link apart without the tool.

Running hard in places like Baja like you are I'ld run the stacked just for one less thing on your mind.

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