Tank panniers travel bags & any other recommendations

Anyone use this exact one ? Wondering how the fitment is on a stock L with stock tank.


Martin, what all do you use, "just" the rear tail/fender bags ?

Your the pro at packing man! :thumbsup:

I found it is much cheaper to buy Horn bags for saddles. They have the hole for the gas cap and are a fraction of the price of motocycle suppliers. If they get trashed, they were cheap so who cares. For long trips/ exploration. I like the one that has a bag on one side and insulated water bottle carriers on the other. It is a nice way to carry extra fuel in Msr fuel cans, or whatever.

I agree that the horn bags are very inexpensive so that makes them a great idea.

Do the bags (wolfman OR horn bags) have a way to secure them on the bottom?

What do you secure them to?

Have you looked at the dirt bagz? Wolfman makes them. They hang on brackets and are very secure. I have used mine a couple times and love them.

You can use the brackets on e-bay for about half the price. don't like stuff on the tank, seems to get in my way.

I like the Dirtbagz too. They are a sweet pannier setup for sure.

The Dirtbagz are nice, but it looks like you get more storage space for less money with the Wolfman bags.

i really like my (i think they are called "BETA" bags from wolfman.

all kinds of horn bags and horse pack stuff cheap at countrysupply.com. I bought 2 sets and they work great.

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