I normally ride at about 2500 - 3000 ft in the Cal city / el mirage areas. I am going to Glamis next weekend and it will be the first time I have ridden my WR 426 in the dunes. (Normally its my 00' YZ 250) I am going to get a paddle...any reccomendations on the number of paddles on the tire? Will I have to change the jetting or can I just tweak the air / fuel screws?

Please advise...

Ahh, I wish I were within a day's drive from there. Anyway, enough dreaming. I would recommend a Skat Trak 8 paddle, and drop your front sprocket 1 tooth to a 13 (based on stock gearing). Also, as you well know from your YZ250, firm suspension is the key. I ran about 10 psi in both tires and had pretty good success. As far as the power goes, my 98 WR400 was keeping up with a slightly modified (pipe, jetted) KX250 on the hills. The 13T sprocket really made a difference.

Have fun! Wish I were going!!!

Oh yeah, take off your mudflap, too, but you probably already knew that..

I have a "custom" mudflap...I took and old one and cut it in half...doesnt rub on the tire yet still protects the shock..

thanks for the tips..

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