GYTR and JD question 08 450

I just picked up my 08 WR450. I purchased a JD jetting kit from you for the O7 for my 08 on the account that they are the same. I also picked up the GYTR kit to block of the the ASI junk.

1. Question: The GYTR kit comes with a leak jet and an air jet. Are you installing these to jets with JD kit or just leaving them out. I am not sure what they do. I have modified the exhaust and taken out the snorkle.

2. Question: The rubber oring that goes on the pump, what is the life expectancy of it?

3. Question: The JD jetting recommendation does it look at the bike stock or with the freebee mods?

Hi Ophir

I also have the JD and the GYTR kit, however mine is an 07. I installed the GYTR but left out the carb jets from it as it looked too much for the free mods. Even with that it was too rich.

The O-ring on the pump side should hold for quite a while as there is no fuel in there that touches it.

I assume that the JD recomendation are that the bike already got the free mods, and that the pilot should be replaces only if you have a real open exhaust like the YZ one.

Other than that you just have to trial and error eventhough its a pain to access the carb again...

So, do not use the air and leek jets in the kit?

I installed the complete gytr kit per the instructions. Found it to be

way to rich for summer time high altitude and temp conditions. Installed the JD

jets/needle and o ring mod, left the gytr air and leak jets installed. The bike runs great. Also have all the mods done and the gytr 96db exhaust insert.

I just took mine for a short ride, i installed the gytr kit as per instructions and only subsituted the jd kits that were recomended. 165 main red needle 4rth slot, Waiting on fmf exhaust but ran up the rode and Awsome is all i can say. No hesitation at all. front wheel lifts up to 4rth gear.

Im going to try and find someone to drag race me with my modded cr 500. i think it will be a damm close race.

So, do not use the air and leek jets in the kit?

I didnt

I went with the GYTR leak jets and the air jets with the JD. Thanks for your input. I wanted to gather as much info as possible hoping that I will not have to dive back into it.


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