05WR450 Fork/Axle Bolt Question

For some time I've had a hard time getting my front axle bolt to go into the right fork at the wide part of the axle bolt. I've had to really work it and hammer....even after rounding off the outside of the bolt...inside of fork. It would slide in OK without the tire. What I discovered is that the left fork hangs down about 1full CM lower than the right fork. If I pushed up on the left fork then it would slide in no problem. Question...does it mean anything at all that one fork hangs down 1CM lower from the outer tube than the other? I've had the forks revalved twice by two very reputable NorCal fork specialists. I've had a difficult time tuning these forks to handle on long, tight single track....goat trail type. Countersteering all the time. Hmmmm.

I would contact the last suspension shop you had service the forks. It does not seem like it should be that far out of wack. Then they should assist you in adjusting the forks to handle better where you want them.

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