Go ahead, get a laugh at this guys expense....

Check out this poor guy as he discovered the mud jump at the Adelanto GP. Once you get the first image, click on the links at the top to see the sequence # 371-375.

Link to The Mud Hole picture


Damon, That one's great!!!!!!

What do you think this guy was thinking?


Just when I thought I had no business being out there!!!

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that guy on the Big Wheel was just disappointed when the dealers claims that he could ride (float) across the water were found to be false. I passed that guy twice during the GP, it must have been a brutal hour for him.

But at least he was there !

word! :)

I never saw this line myself, but here's one of my buddies I drove up with examining the 'alternate' line around the mud hole :)

link to alternate line


Looks to me like neither route was very good!!!! Dan, I heard the landing off of the water jump was pretty flat and resulted in hard landings. Wish I coulda been there.


Way to go Dan L. I see you are holdin it down for the Wr's out there---kick stand and all!! What a hoot!

Ernie, The landing was ridiculous!! The jump just shot you out into no mans land with a flat landing,I only did it once (had to show off for my girfriend). :)

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Nice to see my riding style is catching on! Man, I hope nobody is taking pics when I'm on the track! That is my only redeeming excuse at the end of the day: At least I participated. Really helps keep things in humble perspective when you have young sons racing: It ain't as easy as it looks!! Never give up!

I had to go back and look at those pics again; OUCH! Damned bike even looks like my old XL500.

Damon: which yz tank do like the best? I see you have both the Clarke & IMS. Are they standard or oversize?

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