Kuba Link vs XRs only lowering link

Picking up my 2008 Honda XR650L this coming Saturday and wondered which link to go with. I've been happy with the Kuba on my DR.

I just put a Devol link on my 2007 and am very happy with it. It lowered the rear 1 inch and then I dropped the forks 1 inch. Made a differance.

How long have you been using the Devol link, did it soften the suspension alot or a little? Is the bike as stable or less stable with the new link, regarding hard corners/berms in the dirt?

I just put it on yesterday. It softened up the rear just a little. I am going to put a little more preload on my rear spring and and do some adjusting on my shock and see if it makes a differance. The bike seems stabler. Might be because it is lower to the ground now. Wheelies better. It's not bad how it is now though.


There are no major differences between the Kouba, XR's Only and Devol Link. All three work the same. You will need to press out the stock bearings and seals and install them in the new link or buy a Pivot Works linkage bearing kit.

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