YZ426 in tight woods

I'm glad you guys brought up the gearing. I have 14/50 on my bike now but was going to go to a 52 rear. Maybe I'll just buy the 13 front in addition to the 52 rear to get the most low end possible.

Well, I am a recent convert to my 2000 YZ426 from my 1998 YZ250. The YZ250 was my first ever dirt bike and I had to learn the hard way. The guys I ride with were all super experienced and I had none! The learning curve was steep, but withthe 250, yes it was much easier to do tight trails (which is all we ride really, except the occasional sand dune run). However, this last weekend, i would not have traded my 426 away for any 2-stroke, it got me out of some hairy stuff that my 250 would have been spinnin and slippin through. Key Note HERE: i am 6'5" 200 lbs, big diff from the average smaller rider ;-)

426, the best machine for me until i improve my skills further and land myself a new bike (post 450 4-stroke era!!)

you are correct changing the gearing works best. Has ridden with 48 tooth in more open country....if so what does it feel like?

Out of shape and rusty!

Has anyone been riding with a 48 tooth in more open country...what is your impression of it

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