99 WR 400F,Bike wont start!!

Hi guys,

Hope you can help me out in my wr4...

Today when i wanted to start my bike up ,is just wouldnt start.So i guess the carb might overflow,so i drained my carb after that is started perfectly..after that i switch off the engine.when i try to fired it up...it wouldnt start, kick it for nearly ten mins still the damn bike wont start .So i took off the carb and service it. Everything looks ok internally floaters werking fine,put back the carb and it started after that ...the same prob arises when i switch off my bike..it just wouldnt start:banghead: ...after ten to 15mins of kicking it wouldnt start..check my sparkplug ..seems fine ..good strong spark when id put the sparkplug at the engine body,put the sparkplug back in .....after a few mins of kicking the bike ,it fired up.so i went and test the bike for a few laps ..seems ok ....and then the prob rises again after i switch off the bike:mad: ..now it wouldnt start at all!!!Any pointers in what i should check next? Any available help is appreciated :worthy: :worthy: Anyway my carb is a Fcr3 .

It REALLY sounds like a float level issue. Are you sure the float doesn't have a hole in it? Did you check the float level? I assume you inspected the float valve & seat.

I would put in a new plug to be sure it isn't it. Also you might want to get some seafoam at the aoutoparts store and put it in somw fresh gas for the bike. Use what is recommended on the bottle (I use 1 ounce for gallon). If this doesn't do the trick, take the carb apart again and look for issues. Next on the agenda would be the coil after the carb checks out. The coil will sometimes work until warmed up, then shut down until cooled. Just my .02

Thankz for the reply guys ....yup i did check the float level and seat...i did change the sparkplug to a new one and gave it fresh gas .now im worried what Jekel said it's true ..maybe it's the coil .....need to check it out ..will keep you guys updated....been bz with work lately ...didnt have time to check on the bike.

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