Magura Juice Clutch Installation

So I got mineral oil all over my hands, my bike, my garage floor and my work bench....but its installed.

I have read all the posts on juice clutches and it seems that given the shorter pull of the clutch that there is some increased interference of the clutch when 'disengaged'....I used to be able to push my bike around no problem when in gear with cable clutch disengaged. Now I cant seem to do this withiout any drag no matter what setting I use on the magura.

It seems this is normal but can someone confirm and let me know how I can test it.

I have put a 'nut' over the slave cylinder rod to reduce the play the slave cylinder has to about 5-6 mm but when its set like that I can barely push the bike around when in gear and clutch disengaged.

On installation I didn't reverse purge the tube & master like it says in the manual...I dont have the kit....but I managed to remove all the air in the system anyway. Do I need to do that ?

When the adjuster is wound all the way out my lever 'flops' about for the first inch or so of lever travel as if the master cyclinder piston has not fully recessed. If I reverse-purge the tube and master cylinder will this slack disappear ?

Anybody have any other tips on how to set it up ?

- I already know about rerouting the decomp cable and potentially a longer one.

- To protect the tube as it exits from the master cylinder (it rests on top of the hand guard clamp and will die if I crash and they twist) I plan on putting a plate under the master cyclinder & tube.

I've been using the Magura since Christmas and it works fine I have'nt protected it at all and I've suffered no problems clutch is a pleasure to use. I know notice that there is quite alot of free place at the master cylinder but it still works fine. I cannot push bike around with it in gear but I suffer no drag when I'm out riding. The only problem I have had is that lsat week the clutch seemed to click when I pulled it in I thought a possible master cylinder problem, so I first stripped and cleaned the leaver took out the little plastic bush and smeared it all in grease and the problem has gone and I'm back to normal, I think that I'll have to do this lube every 4/5 weeks but its well worth it this clutch is fantastic!!!!

I figured it out finally but I had to put another couple of gallons of oil on the floor doing so.

Great upgrade. And if you read the instruction right and have the right tools then it should be a breeze.

My problem is I am more of a doer than an instruction reader. I glance at them and find I cant wait to start playing with my new toy.

I put them down and refer to them only when I have a problem. Needless to say you learn a lot about how NOT to do things, which is a valuable lesson in itself but.....ohhhhhhh but the number of times I have mantled and dismantled and remantled. I should learn, but then again you cant teach an old dog new tricks !!!!

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