New rotors

My front rotor is warped and my rear brake just went metal to metal today while riding. So I need to find some rotors at a decent price. I was thinking of going with some wave rotors. Any thoughts or opinions on which ones to get? I found kevlar brake pads already. Oh yea I have an 06 WR450



I just recently got some wave rotors off of ebay. They seem to work great.

Do you have a link or the person you bought them from?

Cool thanks for the link. What years and bikes will the front and rear rotors interchange? I have an 06WR450 and I want new rotors for the front and rear to match.

Don't know about interchanging rotors front and rear.

Why not just buy two rotors is that's what you want/need? has the stock front rotor, PN 5MV-2581T-00-00 for $80.36.

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