04 yzf 450 stuck in 1st .50 cent dog spring

After making a couple of laps today I pulled over and killed it to talk for a minute about a jump I was doing...when I got ready to restart and put it in gear it wouldnt go into nuetral or ratchet so I kicked off the motor with the clutch in and it shifted ok till I could get back to the pits. Proabably shifted in to second and third and putted in when I got ready to try to find neutral coasting in with the engine still running I kicked it real hard with my heal and it went in to nuetral and I parked it...tryed to put it back into first and it dropped in then wouldnt shift at all with the motor off so I was done for the day pushed it back to the garage. I've recently read the thread on the 06 shifter deal with the little bearing that came apart but I didnt think the 04 had the bearing. Is Grey out there monitering? I need help or anybody else that might of had this problem. Got ot get it fixed before next weekend.

Thanks Bill

one of the two springs that apply the tension to the dogs broke and wouldnt let it ratchet. 50cents online and 9.00 to ship it. Cant be here till Monday...anybody got any ideas if these are stock items in local yamaha store/

ehh my local yamaha store doesnt stock much at all they would take a few days for sure i would order online myself...

partswarehouse says monday drop shipped from Georgia yamaha warehouse all for an extra 9.00...Pro Source is lots cheaper but missed getting a hold of them to find out when they can eta. I think if I order tomorrow at local store it will be here by friday and that would work just have a lot of work to put it back together that night. Got any ideas of fast service?

yeah if you can order tomm. morning then i would think you would have it by friday... they arent that slow just that online stores are like 2-3 days... and dealers take about 4-5 in my experience plus you have to pick them up from the dealers

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