GNCC - Macon, GA. This Weekend...Who's going?

Spoke with Capitol Cycle folks yesterday, They say the track is in awesome shape and it should be a Great time....Many of us are planning to Camp out on Saturday Night for Sunday's Races.

My Riding Partner Just bailed on me for a pool tournament (Love the dedication), so I'm shopping for a Pit Crew and a Stand-by Driver in Case I ball it up. Hopefully my little brother will be available....

MikeM are you and the crew racing this weekend?

Bonzai :)

I planned on doing this one, but my Daytona trip got in the way. I will be doing the Cracker HS in April, though. You gonna be there?

Sorry, I did Okeechobee yesterday, and I'll need this weekend to rest...

I'll be down there. It's supposed to rain on Saturday. Hopefully it's just a light rain, but if it's heavy, it won't be the first time Paradise Park is SLOPPY wet for a GNCC :D .

Yama, what are you talking about spare driver?

Well, good luck and have fun.

Maybe I'll see you down there I'll be riding a WR400. :D I just took my yellow backgrounds off, they were pretty tore up. I still have the yellow on my front number plate and will not be running a number unless they make me. If you see me, my name is Jay. Later. BTW, I'll be riding in the first race :) and watching the second. :D

HAWKEYE....RSK (Aka Steve) and myself will be camping out Saturday Night with a group of friends...White Race Trailer with Large THOR logo and the numbers 829 and 53 on the sides. Gonna BBQ Ribs/Steaks/and HB's, have a few brewski's .... Stop on by Join us for dinner and introduce yourself

STUMPY: I will be there if I don't get hurt too bad this weekend....


Bonzai :)

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Bonzai...I hear Lane & Jenny may be in your campsite also.........becareful, have fun & stay on 2wheels....

p.s. take care of my woman for me.....

I hear Ya....Lane called me last night, he said that he was going to call me back after he talked with you....But oh well...thats Lane. I took the day off to finish getting things together. Got jets coming in this morning at CS, so this afternoon I'm going to drop my pilot again and make some final adjustments before going to the commissary for Steaks/Ribs and Beer....Man your going to miss out on this one....

See YA


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