yz450f 07 engine problems

hi guys, i recently purchased a 07 yz 450. just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with timing chain skipping and oil feed problems. at 11hours a high pitched tick started in the engine, had the valve clerances checked all ok. at 30 hours, noise increased in 1 ride to louder then the exhaust. sent it to the dealership, cam chain has stuffed the crank and cams, the buckets are worn in the head, and the oil pump drive has worn into the clutch basket, so i am basically up for a whole engine with the parts list i have been given. yamaha wont cover it. thanks.

Damn, I feel for ya, but no problems here.

I hear you loud and clear.

My buddy and i both have 06 yz450fs and he has been trying to figureout why his has been skipping a tooth. all he could figure was the chain was streched . as for me , my bike sounds like it skiped a tooth this past weekend but i have not had time to confirm . i do feel very strongly that it did by the sound it made .

My suspicion would be that the oil problem came first, followed by a partial seizure of the cam(s), causing the chain to skip.

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