Do I want a XR650r or DRZ400e ???

I have posted in the general section but didn't get alot of responce & I have read in the DRZ section "DRZ400 vs XR650r" but most posts steered towards the DRZ400 as I thought they would, So I thought see what XR650r owners have to say.


I had both the XR650R and now I have the DRZ400E.

I sold the XR with 42.500 kms and it was perfect.

They are two funy and reliable bikes, off road bike good for street use (I use them as commuter, dual sport, enduro).

The XR is funnier on road as its torque is something that really blasts, the DRZ-E is better in the tight off road, it's easier and even faster off road.

It depends on

1) Where you ride, XR 650 is the King of the desert, a rally-raid bike, the DRZ-E is much better for "european enduro".

2) How big You are! I weight 73 kilos and I am 178 cm tall, little bit too small for going serious off road with the BRP, while the DRZ is much better. Viceversa if you are a big guy the XR is more fun!

You will have fun in any case! ;)

I seem to be looking at more & more XRs but I still have the DRZ in the back of my mind because some peeps have had a XR & now got a DRZ & vice versa , I think I just need convincing that the XR is the one for me.

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