XR600 Tank, Plastics

Managed to split the fuel tank of my XR600 this morning :rant:

Does anyone know of a good source (other than direct from Honda) for replacing this, I am undecided wether to go for the same size or a larger one.

Also, does anyone manufacture the tank and side covers in black plastic?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

Clarke makes tanks for the XR600 in both stock and Exxon Valdez size. They can probably make one of them in black if you ask really nice. Don't know about the side panels in black.

Clarke, IMS and Acerbis all make replacement tanks for the XR600. All are good quality and come in different sizes and colors.

Acerbis and Maier make black plastic for the big XR.

Found a fuel tank off a 1987 XR600 ... will it fit a 1998 model?

As regards black plastic side covers I did not find anything using those links. But thanks just the same :-)

The 87 won't fit, Honda changed the tanks in 88.

Both of those companies do make black plastic for the 600, those are links to the ThumperTalk store that automaticly come up. You will need to go to the companies sites directly.

Thanks Jeff, still did not manage to find out anything about black side panels for the XR600, but Chris at Clarke Mfg was very helpful as regarding the fuel tank.



They make them, I promis.

I painted the stock side panels on my XR650L with black Fusion, and they came out great. If they get scratched, you can always redo them. The XR600's were listed with Maier, not that long ago. I haven't checked recently.

Good luck with it......I really like the black look.

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