Whats the average $ for changing fork seal

I was charged $122.00 for 2 new seals and oil

And I was wondering if this was to much? I pulled the forks off and brought them to a mechanic.

Plus how hard is this to do? Is it something to look into doing myself or is it easy to wreck things.

higgy 426

The seals are about $40 for the pair and the oil will run you about $15. I'm about to do mine so I don't know exactly how difficult it will be. I don't think it's going to be that hard to do if you have the right tools.

Higgy, You got SCA-ReWED on the price!

Holy crap! What was the dealers markup on those babies!

Anyways, you can make up your money with all the free help right here. Take your time and ask plenty of questions. Its not hard, all you have to do is follow your owners manuel.

Once you have it down you will see its a breeze :)

From the, If he wants to ride it, he can work on it file: My friend just did my seals on my old RM and said it was easy. He isn't a mechanic but he plays one on TV.


Whoops I can see how I was misinterpeted.

I ment to say I had new fork seals and oil

installed. I paid 22.00 for the seals and around 15.00 for oil so he charged me 85.00 to do the WORK. Is this a fair deal?

or should I learn to do it myself


Oh ok, well thats better. Even though that is outrageous for service work, it is about the norm.

Learn to do it yourself. Im not very mechanicly inclined myself and it may seem like more of an undertaking than it really is. The ony way you will ever learn is to try.

If you get to a point you dont feel comfortable with, stop and ask a question. We'll help ya!

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