Why the stall when coming to a sudden stop on XR650R?

I am sure you guys have figured it out, but I can't find out what the fix is. When I have to shut down quick for a red light or even if I chop the throttle and pull in the clutch the old girl wants to stall. I have jetted it well, with the needle in right position for 5000 feet. Is there something else that you guys know about? Adjusting the air screw and idle only affect it minimally. If I give it gas on the decel it wont stall. I would really appreciate some help cause it gets a little anoying.

if you get no change with the fuel screw(fuel screws are in front of the slide, air screws are behind the slide)that is a sign of too big of a pilot.

Mine will do that too, if my idle is just a little too low.

I think float levels can cause these kinds of issues also.

yep , check the float level

Mine will do that too, if my idle is just a little too low.

I hade the same issue...and since I adjusted my idle it has not died on me since...:thumbsup:

Thanks guys I will check the float level. If there is any other things that you can come up with I would appreciate it. I will post the results if anyone cares as soon as I get to the float.

I had the same problem and it went away after I adjusted my idle.

Idle mixture screw needs adjustment, then set your idle.

Idle mixture screw needs adjustment, then set your idle.

Just out of curiosity guys, how would the idle mixture cause this problem only under certain conditions? It seems like it would wanna die all the time if that were the issue. (keep in mind, i have only basic m/c jetting knowledge) But it would always be good to check either way I guess.

Bike is running lean and that causes surging. Slight chance this is being agravated by the fuel in the tank. Bikes are real finniky to the oxogenated fuels and there change from winter to summer grades. How much alcohol a certan fuel uses. Lets get down to the real facts, what is the jetting you have in your bike and with what mod's. East coast / West coast and we know 5000'. Carb mod's?

I had this proble wonce when i had the rear tire nearly locked on dirt, i mean i had the clutch in but when i got to a slow speed i relized the motor stopped. Myn idles fine though, even when its cold it still starts and idles consitent.

I have a 172 main jet and 68S pilot

xplore, do you have the manual? If not download it here:


Pilot screw adjustment/ idle drop procedure

Page 5-15

Try doing the above STEP by STEP. You don't have to open up the carb.

My '01 used to screw itself in from the vibration of the engine. I'd notice it when chopping the throttle the idle would "hang".

Hanging idle= lean

burble/stall = rich

Your throttle stop setting may be masking the pilot circuit problem.

Hope this helps.

I have not gotten to the task yet. I have a "B35e needle" can't remeber the clip position, but it is in a good one? The pilot is a "68s". And the main is a "165". I live in Colorado. I first noticed the problem when I took it to California for a week long ride. "Which was awesome by the way! You Californians' are great and have some cool places to ride!" The fuel/air screw made no difference. Maybe just a tad, but the problem was still there. It would die every time in the desert off road sections, so I turned the idle up and it was not as bad, just annoying... both the high idle and the wanting to stall. If I rev it up just sitting there in the driveway and let off the throttle quick it does the same thing. I am going to check the valves, clean out the carb, check the float level, and change the air filter soon. The wierd thing is that it was fine After I got it all jetted corectally. I was so proud of her cause it started first kick every time and still does after 13,000 miles now. Just the little anoying stall deal is the only thing? I just figured one of you guys had the same thing happen to you and could enlighten eveyone. Besides the fuel/air screw and the idle? I hope to get to the chore as soon as I can, and thank you for all of the replys. You guys are really great! I never expected so many, so thank you.

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