Anyone in Fl plated a wr?

If so how did you go about it? My title says "off road use only" I'd love to plate it for ONF.:thumbsup:

bought mine in AZ, had it titled there then shipped it home. Re-registered it here. I heard it is the only way to get it done and I have heard with some major effort and luck it is possible to do here. Being lazy I spent the $700 bucks on shipping instead of investing in the work to find out if it could be done.

There is a TT user from Orlando that has done it I read some where. He has the how too's on his site. If I remember his user name I will put it in your thread.

Thanks... the rangers in ONF don't like unplated bikes on numbered roads!

Good luck. As soon as you figure out how to do it let us know. I'll get a new WR when I can get it tagged.

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