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need some advice, started pulling motor apart

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well I managed to completely destroy the bearing on the shaft that the clutch is on...its DONE...

I started pulling the bike apart and found a few things that are concerning me. the piston has a few scratches on the exhaust side, they are fairly light, and the bike was making great power. the cylinder has normal vertical wear marks, but has a couple scratches on the exhaust side. here are some pictures to show. what would cause this, and can I reuse the piston and cylinder...my initial thought was yes, but thought I would check here.




next thing, is that rust color on the cylinder normal?

next, here is a pic of where the piston pin was, there are a few wear marks in there, spaced in every 20 degrees or so inside where the pin goes. is this anything to be concerned about...can i use the same piston and a new pin?


how does this carbon buildup look? ok? too rich? too lean? bike has had 7500 miles since being apart


here is a pic of the head...the exhaust valves are pretty light in color which has me worried I was running too lean...any thought?


and last but not least...my fubard bearing


found this in the oil


I hope it didnt tear the tranny up....

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answered your pm.cylinder looks normal.piston,not great but common.top of the piston looks like oil useage.

never seen that bearing fail.

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Exhaust valves are totally normal do not worry about the slightly whiteish color. I would probly mic the cylinder for taper and replace the piston since I had it apart. Does look like its burning some oil. Scuffing on the piston is probly normal from 7500 miles.

I dunno why the bearing would fail

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