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I'm getting ready to transfer my XR650R from Illinois (plated) to Ohio. Needless to say, they will inspect it and I can't get good sound out of my horn. I've tried two different ones now and neither works. They both work fine when I hook them to the battery of my truck, but a guy at works says there might be a problem with some AC interference out of the bike's :excuseme: system. I've rewound my stator and a 55 watt Baja Designs headlight doesn't even dim at idle. Any thoughts???



You can't get a DC horn to work with AC. The sound has been likened to a strangling duck or frog. You will need to use a regulator/rectifier in place of your regulator, and also put in a small battery in parallel to the whole system. Very easy fix.

I have been told that there is an AC horn made for scooters that is available for purchase, but I checked and rechecked the web, and the only AC scooter horns available were for 6 volt only.

You can try one of these. The dealership that I used to work at would install these on dirt bikes that were being "legalized" that did not have DC systems. These little buggers run on a 9 volt and are plently loud. They are electric, so they pass the Montana DMV test. Just for fun, as it is not practical, I did hide an 18 volt drill battery behind a front headlight shell once to power a horn and get past DMV on an XR. On 18 volts, a little cheap OEM horn off of an '81 DT125 is really loud and has a short, but fun, lifespan!

you could got to radio shack and buy a diode and install it in one of the wires for the horn. that would only allow the voltage to flow in one direction and should work at a very low cost.

exaresix has the right answer, regulator/rectifier and a battery does the trick. Procycle has decent components at friendly prices


Thanks for the feedback. A friend at work suggested the diode also. I'll give that a try first since it sounds like the cheapest and most permanent. If that gives me trouble, I'll try the bicycle horn.

Thanks again,


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