Will it fit

Two questions really.

1. Local shop has a white Acerbis 5.8 gallon tank they want to get rid of. they say it will only fit a 93-96 XR650L. I have a 2007 and really want to up the fuel capacity, the stock tank it way to small for me. I thought Honda had kind of left the L alone and that most parts would swap between years. So will it fit?

2. How would a white tank look on my bike? Anybody have a pic of a white tank on a bike with the stock red plastic?

Sounds like the same tank I have. I had to re-locate the turn signals (simple enough), other than that it went on with no problems.



Weird, I was going to order that same rack and I have that same helmet in white.

Thanks for the pics. What exactly did you have to do to move the turn signals?

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