new to me brp, any must haves or must knows?

my last bike was a trusty rusty '82 xl 500, sold it a few years ago and though i have ridden the xr650r many times (my buddy had several xrs) this is my first. i was hoping for any suggestions or any must know issues or mods that i need to be aware of. this bike will be rode dirt and street 50/50. it is an 01 with the full hrc kit, uncorked, baja designs e start, dual wound stator, baja designs h.o. headlight, baja designs street legal kit, clark 4.6 gal tank, pro taper bars, moose hand guards, the rear suspension was done at precision concepts for a guy about my weight, the front at independent. just put some new dunlop 606 dot tires that seem like they'll be a good compromise. any suggestions on good gears for freeway speeds and offroad? 6'4" 250lbs

sounds like you have a great bike, i am running 14/47 which is a good mix for highway and steep hill climbing for me. mines uncorked stock and i am 195, with your mods the gearing should work fine. how about some pics? search ( lots of great information and links.

Sounds like the bike is pretty well dialed in for you. A couple of additional things to watch that you may already know about:

1. Right foot peg. Keep a close eye on it or better yet have it modded.

2. Countershaft seal. Keep an extra ($5) and make sure the crankcase breather tube does not get pinched anywhere.

3. Choke plate. To be safe, check that it has been replaced with a one piece unit w/o the little hinged door. 650R's are known to ingest them.

Happy roosting :ride:

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