my "first" time. What a screw up!!

Last night, on the way into work, I stopped to put fuel into my car.

I pulled out my wallet to see how much $$ I had. My buddy, who I have been driving to work for ~2 months now due to his blown engine, said he'd cover it. I set my wallet on the roof (&%$#@!??), put in $5.00 and DROVE OFF.

I lost my wallet, credit cards, everything.

To make matters worse, I call to cancel my credit card. The bank's automated system is messed up and keeps disconnecting me. My CC is stilll active.

To those of you that have never had to work midnight shift work, It TOTALLY messes up the brain functions.

So much for attending the computer show this Saturday to get the rest of my computer parts to build my Pentium 4 machine...!!

Did I mess up OR WHAT??!! :):D:D

Which gas station was that again? :)

I figure I lose mine once every 5 years or so. When you lose it it is SUCH a pain in the ass the memory of it makes you more careful. Condolences.

Now you have a choice...risk it again or get a chain/ that would look cool on a WR!!!

I did that once 21 years ago. :D Before I had Credit Cards. I was at the beach and I left my pants shoes and a towel on the top of the car, DOAH! Anyway It left such a bad taste I have not done it since.

Flash ahead 8 hours Man standing outside his truck hitting all his pockets, saying: I knew I shouldn't have told them I haden't lost my wallet for 21 years.

:) lets hope not.

So happy TT is back up and faster.

hey kevin, im sure u probably already did this, but sit and think if thats exactly where u left it, i thought i left my wallet in a bike shop, i searched and called everyone that bought something there for days, then i remebered after calming down 2 days later, i threw the bag from that shop out in the trash, my wallet was still in the dumpster hours before the garbage man came for that week, maybe u did something similar, lets hope so

Well, there's always hope dude. I unknowingly dropped my Visa card in a casino in Vegas. Since cash is king out there, it was hours before I noticed it was gone. I know the feeling all to well. Anyway, retracing our steps we backtracked our way and started asking around and finally a someone pointed us to a security guard that had it behind his elevated kiosk thingy. I told him my name and he handed me my card back. Checking with the bank, not a single transaction had been attempted. Talk about lucky, I expected to be broke.

To bad thats about the only luck I've ever had there.

Hope you get lucky dude.

Bummer about the wallet! I wonder how long it takes to get a replacement AMA card, the first one is slow enough.

I was working under my wife's S-10 awhile back and removed the lump from my bony butt and placed it on her rear bumper. Hours later, after she had gone to work, I realized why I couldn't find my wallet. PANIC!!

I hopped aboard my trusty steed and blazed the 2 miles into town, across the spine shattering RR tracks, to her place of employ. All the while searching the road/shoulder/ditch in pathetic desperation.

It was STILL right where I put it!! On her rear bumper! Could never happen... The chain wallet is a good idea especially if you ride. Check out my handle.

I am sure I left it on my roof... :)

I spent this morning canceling everything out, Visa, Sams Club Card, Video Store card, Bank ATM. I hadn't thought about my AMA card...

I found my old, expired PA drivers license and a Mastercard I only used to transfer a balance from my Home Depot card (0%apr for 6 months if fully paid off).

My Computer show is back on!!! Gotta get my 1.7 gig Pent. 3 up and running!!

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