02 yzf426 spitting

I have a 02 426 the blow off tube fight below the air filter above the chian is spitting oil not alot but after a ride you can see splatters on the chain area and shock spring. I took the air filter hosing of and inspected the carb everything looks pretty casual but a little bit of residue can someone help with a good place to start looking or what could be causing this mess. Thanks a million Ross

This is excessive oil dripping off of the air filter. That tube is the air box drain. Ensure that your filter does not have excessive oil and install it several hours before you ride. I like to install a cleaned and oiled filter at least the night before a ride.

Thanks for the reply. The night before the ride I did just that put a brand new one in pre oiled and the situation still exists what could possiably do that

maybe worn piston rings? thanks for any advice

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