street legal YZ 426?

Is it possible to get a kit to make the YZ 426 street legal? (I am not sure of the year) Where would i go to find something like this out?

Sure - slide on over to the YZ Forum and do a search for "street legal". There have been a few folks who have done it and provided details.

I have a street legal 01 426. It was a matter of luck getting the tag. Your problem will be having a title that does not say offroad use only. the guy I bought my bike from purchased it from Tennesse and I am not sure if it was a mistake or not but the title that he gave me when I purchased the bike did not say offroad use only and actually had an odometer reading on it of 1 mile. that is where it normally says offroad use only. I took it to the DMV here in Jacksonville and they said that it needed to brought in for inspection. I told them it was a "project" vehicle and could not bring it in. They gave me a form to have a police officer inspect it and sign off on it. The inspection is not to ensure it is street legal just to ensure that the vin matches and to verify the odometer readings. Having a friend in the right place helps and that was done within a day or 2. Now 50 dollars later I have a tagged yz426. I have begun working on my own dual sport kit because I have the time and skills to make one but not the moeny to by one. I too ride alot in Ocala and Osceola NF. It consists of a generic Aceribis Headlight from ebay for 30 bucks. I generic aceribis tailight from ebay, 2 radio control car batteries (had already)and 6 feet of wiring from Home Depot. good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions.

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