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ISDT Reunion Ride

On October 26 -28, 2007 a major motorcycle event will be coming to the River Valley region of Arkansas. The Arkansas Dirt Riders motorcycle club, in cooperation with the Mt. Magazine Ranger District of the Forest Service and the community of New Blaine, Arkansas, will be hosting the 11th Annual Leroy Winters Memorial ISDT Reunion Ride. This prestigious off-road motorcycle event is based on the International Six- Day Trials (ISDT), the “Olympics of Motorcycling”, with a history dating from the first event held in Great Briton in 1913. This international event pitted the best off-road motorcycle riders from competing countries on a grueling six day course demanding the best from man and machine. The United States had its first exposure in 1949 when an American, Tommy McDermott, won a Gold medal riding for the British BSA team. The first true American team made it’s debut in 1964 with the team of Bud Ekins and Steve McQueen (yes that Steve McQueen!). Since that date the best American riders have represented our nation at the ISDT, and its successor, the International Six Day Enduro (ISDE).

The ISDT Reunion Ride was conceived to bring together and recognize the off-road motorcycle hero’s of this era along with the motorcycles and flavor of the ISDT in a relaxed racing format. This was conceived by Dick Mann, one of America’s most well known motorcycle racers and ISDT competitor, and Leroy Winters, a Fort Smith, Arkansas native and fierce ISDT competitor from 1965 – 1972. The first four Reunion Rides were in Leroy Winters “back yard” in Arkansas and hosted by his local club the Razorback Riders. The sport lost Leroy in 1999 and the event was renamed the Leroy Winters Memorial. Since that time the event has moved around the country from Missouri to Massachusetts to Oklahoma and grown in recognition and popularity.

The Arkansas Dirt Riders hosted this event in 2005 and based on the hospitality of the community coupled with a high quality event, were asked to again promote this venue. With its return to New Blaine, it has become one of the premier vintage motorcycle events with a sanction from the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA). The event is part of the AHRMA National Cross Country series and entrants are expected from all over the United States as well as several foreign countries. The format is to provide the competitors with a two day ride of approximately ninety miles in the scenic Ozark National Forest under the authority of a Special Use Permit from the Forest Service. The ride will have a time schedule compatible with the philosophy of “50 year old men on 30 year old motorcycles”. Interspersed on the course will be timed “Special Tests” to determine ranking within each motorcycle and ability class. The two day event will conclude with a “Grass Track” or motocross race with all competitors, held on a Dick Mann designed track.

A Reunion Ride banquet will be held on Saturday evening to honor the past ISDT veterans and present awards for service to those who have had an impact in preserving the ISDT tradition. Hosting the ceremony will be Larry Maiers of TV’s “Speedvision”. National motorcycle publications will also be in attendance and reporting on the entire event.

Support for the event within the community of New Blaine, Arkansas will be provided by the Volunteer Fire Department of New Blaine, the Community Park Board (where the event will be headquartered) and members of the community.

There will be former ISDT riders like Ron Robolzi, Ray Munganast, Dwight Rudder, Chris Carter, John Penton, Jack Penton, Dane Leimbach, Carl Cranke, Doug Wilford, Tommy McDermott, Don Cutler, Dave Crain, Greg Holder, Jeff Smith, Kevin Hines, Dick Mann, and many others. Autographs , photo opts. and get to ride with your ISDT Heros.

Is anyone here planning on attending ? It is great fun. Low key competition.

Nice trail ride too. Setup for vintage bikes in mind.



I can't believe that no one here with a vintage enduro machine is not interested in the ISDTR. A great chance to ride with your heros of yesteryear.



Happened upon this by chance Dwight, no offence intended but seems a lot of the younger generation arn't into this, hope you have a great ride, wish I could be there, sounds hot.

Although I don't have a vintage machine (YET)(yz 250N 2001) I'm working on it. Getting closer every year.

Happened upon this by chance Dwight, no offence intended but seems a lot of the younger generation arn't into this

Yep. Despite the "vintage" forum status here I haven't found this otherwise excellent website a great resource for vintage or classic stuff. Wrong demographic I think...many here think Yamaha invented the fourstroke MX bike in 1998! :thumbsup:

Yeah, I agree with "Triumph" about the demographics. I get a real kick out of

people asking questions about 2-strokes on a Thumper website as well as questions about modern era bikes in the vintage section. Sites with serious vintage only forums like often see rare posts about anything other than old CR's. I visit several vintage forums and several thumper foums on a weekly basis and see the most "pollution" of topics on this forum and the DR forum. Obviously I suppose that is because of the importance and notariaty of this forum

I still value the info and chit chat though on most every forum, especially this one. Sometimes though, it is all I can do to keep from making an inappropriate comment about the subject matter and occasionally, the advice. So, I hold my tongue and move on.

BTW Dwight. I'd love to bring my Rickman 125 ISDT and my Montesa King Scorpion and make the ride , but business committments, time, and finances are not in order to make the trip. Sounds like much fun. Vintage trail rides are a blast.


The best online forum group for Vintage ISDT and Enduro bikes can be found at

We have a yahoogroups forum that stays very busy. We have over 1000 members world wide and many of our members try to meet and attend the ISDTR together.

Take care,

Dwight Rudder

Vinduro Member # 2 ( Co-Founder )

Got my 1972 K100GS Hercules ready for the ISDTR ! Also my backup bike which will be a 1972 DKW 125 Enduro.

I will be riding the AHRMA Nat'l Cross Country at Barber's in Birmingham, AL on a 1973 Hodaka Combat Wombat in Enduro trim.



Here is what I ended up with and what I started with.

Hope to see you at end of month at the ISDTR.


1972HerculesK100GS 003.jpg


nice looking vintage iron.

Too bad nobody told any of the west coast riders, like Macolm Smith, AC Bakken, Larry Roseler and other Gold medal winners from days gone by.

Too bad nobody told any of the west coast riders, like Macolm Smith, AC Bakken, Larry Roseler and other Gold medal winners from days gone by.

They all know about the ISDTR. Malcolm has attended several times as has Mark Adent and Billy Uhl and severl other ISDT riders.

There are VINDURO members coming from Idaho, N. Cal., S. Cal. and Oregon.


I'll be taking a thumper to the ISDTRR 07 , a 1971 BSA B50T , set up for vintage enduro and coming from So. Cal. to Arkansas . I have ridden this event for three year and it's always worth the three day drive .

Mike Johnstone

AHRMA # 110

ARX So. Cal. vintage MX

Earlier in the year, I was planning on attending the ISDTR event, but you know how life sometimes gets in the way of the things you plan.

Don't let the lack of interest when you started this thread discourage you, Dwight. If you post a full report, I'm sure alot will read it and appreciate it. I know I will. I hope to join you next year.


I fully believe that anyone who comes and participates in the ISDTR or the ISDTVQ ( in the spring ) will always want to attend. These events are vintage friendly and casual and loads of fun. Anyone with a Hodaka, Yamaha Enduro, Honda SL or XL, Suzuki TS or Kawasaki G5 or F model. Or any 70s Euro bikes will have a great time.



At last count there were 149 entries. The Arkansas Dirt Riders were only planning on 40 rows at 4 per row. That is only 160 riders. I am sure if needed they will add a few more rows. This is building to be the biggest ISDTR since the 2003 Reunion in Mass. This is going to be great !

It will be EPIC !

Dwight :crazy:

Conditions were GREAT, weather perfect. Everyone had a great time. LOTS of ISDT and ISDE Heros there. You should have seen the final MX with the ISDT/E vet modern class. Jeff Fredette battled it out with Thumper Racing's Gary Hazel and KTM's Jack Penton. It was an epic battle with the lead constantly changing. I won over my ISDT hero Paul Danik . Barely. At my last count there were at least 188 riders. Larry Maiers was MC at the Banquet. John Penton spoke as did Carl Cranke and Dane Leimbach. Tommy McDermott was in attendance ( First American to ever win a ISDT Gold Medal). Dick (Bugsy) Mann was in attendance too. Also attending was John Greenrose, Brian Slark, Doug Wilford, Fred Cameron, Greg Holder, Don Cutler, Chris Carter, and Ron Robolzi. OH, and I was there too. Next years event...............Zink Ranch, Tulsa, OK.

Sorry we missed you,

It WAS Epic !


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