Expensive Needle in the Haystack!!!

Does anyone know where i can find passenger pegs sorry for the mistake....for the 650L?

Ebay auctions come and go and the price goes all the way up to 85+ sometimes, for a pair.

From Honda they are 100+ just for one....bracket, peg and hardware.

Is there any other aftermarket shops that anyone knows of.

Seems they are in high demand right now because of the price they get pushed up to on ebay..........

LocTite will go a LONG way to prevent this from happening.......:banghead:

Between here, 4strokes, advrider, and the yahoo XRLUG group, you'll find someone nearby with a pair they don't want.


i have the stock pegs but no other hardware, i replaced mine with XRs only pegs.

are you looking for rider pegs or pasenger pegs???

sorry ...i meant to include i was looking for passenger pegs......

JUST missed me selling mine to another guy on here SORRY maybe post in WANTED section also.

Check the classifieds I just posted passenger pegs and uni filters. The pegs are like new never carried a passenger because the sag is so hard to adjust for the added weight (wife is too big.......I mean tall.......to fit the rear seat)

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